Why don't I have a job? Basic mistakes of seekers and work?

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Why don't I have a job? Basic mistakes of seekers and work?

WHY I DON'T WORK BASIC ERRORS BY JOB SEEKERS? online guide, elearning training

A person who fails in life should above all be able to analyze the cause of failure. Based on this analysis, you can list the causes that caused the failure. On the basis of work on recruitment processes, I have prepared a list of the most common mistakes made by people looking for work. Here are the basic mistakes of job seekers:

Why don't I have a job? Basic mistakes of seekers and work?

  • job seeker mistake: poor preparation of the job search process

Lack of analysis related to job search means that the job seeker responds to all decent-looking recruitment ads (and sometimes also to those not very interesting looking). He does not think about the company that gives the advertisement or about the specificity of a given position. And because it seems to such a person that the more submissions they make, the more companies will invite them to the meeting, so they make standard documents and send them, and send and send ... And the effect ?? Faint !!! Very weak ...


  • job seeker mistake: poor preparation of application documents h

The main sin of people looking for a job is not adapting their offer to the content of the recruitment offer. And yet this is the simplest test to check if a potential candidate can read and understand what he is reading. The simplest example: An employer requires a very good command of English and the Candidate sends an application and praises his perfect command of ... French! There is a big difference between these languages, right?


  • job seeker mistake: poor preparation for job interview

Preparing for the interview is not just a good mood and proper dress. Knowledge about the potential Employer, his product offer, competition, culture and work organization is also very important. The basic question here is: "What do you know about our company? Have you been to our website and read about us ??". Unfortunately, research shows that half of the candidates during the interview can not say much about their future employer. And even more! Very often, the Candidate even demands information about the company he came to. Because he was too busy to bother and check the basic data about the Employer !! And what do you think, dear reader ?? What would the employer think about this approach of a potential employee ?? I can assure you


  • job seeker mistake: being late for an interview

In general, being late is UNACCEPTABLE! So better try to plan your time to be 15 minutes earlier. Otherwise, it's best not to date at all. Although you are not spoiling your opinion for the future.


  • job seeker mistake: inappropriate clothing

The most important thing is that you wear clean, tidy and appropriate to:

- the positions you apply for and

- the culture of the organization you want to join.

With the right clothing, you can gain a lot or lose even more in the eyes of your future employer.

  • jobseeker's mistake: answering questions during a job interview not in line with the information contained in the application documents

If you do not remember what you wrote in your application documents or you provide in the conversation information contradicting what you wrote - already after you. You will be accused of lying. And no one will seriously consider your candidacy.

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  • job seeker mistake: no enthusiasm for future employer

When you talk about the company you came to - smile! Talk about it positively, but not too tenderly. Do not use the words: "I will love working for this company", just say: "I am impressed that I will like working for your company". Then you will be more reliable.


  • job seeker mistake: lack of determination during an interview

Do not use the words: "I would prefer, maybe I'm not sure, I will try, etc." These words testify to your indecision, uncertainty, lack of faith in yourself or your potential employer. Note the phrase "I'll try" tells us about trying to do something, and trying does not always end with accomplishment. Often ends in failure. And who wants to cooperate with losers ?? Therefore, instead of words with a negative, indecisive and imperfect coloration, often use words that indicate certainty and determination, such as: "I want, of course, certainly, I will do it, I am sure, sure, etc."


  • job seeker mistake: stress

You have to control it !! You can not show that you are stressful, because it indicates your lack of faith in your own strength, weak character, timid personality. If: your hands are shaking or sweating, your chin is trembling, your face is sharply red, your eyelid is trembling, you start to stutter or you have other similar symptoms - YOU HAVE A PROBLEM !! Think about it - maybe it's worth talking to a specialist or signing up for stress management training ?? Think seriously, because from your point of view a small problem can decide about your future for many years.


  • jobseeker's mistake: sending an application without specifying the position for which the candidate is applying (or in another version: applying for two or even more positions simultaneously to one company)

In general, it can be said that only people work well in such positions whose scope of duties coincides with their interests and preferences. Therefore, it is believed that a person should say or write as who would like to work. And if he does not write it - he cannot be assigned to any position and his papers go into a vacuum.

Why don't I have a job? Basic mistakes of seekers and work?

You want to get a job - avoid the mistakes of jobseekers presented above: these are anti-work traps !!!!

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