Change management and external advisors

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Change management and external advisors

The environment in which companies operate is changing extremely quickly. Only a few years ago, knowledge of the industry, good product, professional and hardworking employee team was enough to achieve success. Unfortunately, the globalization of the economy has meant that Poland is no longer a green isolated island, but one of the elements of the international economic organism. And this, in turn, means that the elements listed above: knowledge of the industry, good product, professional and hard-working employee team - definitely not enough to grow even a small company. At present, interdisciplinary knowledge is needed to manage and develop the company, including - in addition to the elements mentioned above - knowledge of the economic conditions in which the enterprise must operate. In particular, it is necessary to know the habits,

To make you aware of the speed of change nowadays, we have prepared a special animated film showing the dynamics of change - it will be available in the next entry in this category.

The ability to adapt to changing market conditions is one of the elements to meet the growing expectations of customers. Despite the obvious need for changes and modernizing the functioning of the enterprise, their implementation is not the easiest processes, and attempts to introduce smaller or larger transformations often face hard to overcome resistance from employees and the environment, as well as problems related to financing modernization. Another webcast will be conducted on the subject of changes (marketing, product, sales - including the use of the web, etc.).

But to be able to talk about any changes, we must first consider "how to finance change processes in the company?", Including consulting and training. There are many different financing methods - we will focus on three:

1. EU subsidies

2. funds of private investors

3. loans and bank loans

There are many different criteria that, when applied, can show us what kind of financing we should use. One of the most important are:

1. Type of modernization, i.e. what we need to finance

2. The amount we need

3. Location of the undertaking

4. The industry in which the company operates

5. Company profile (size, shareholders)

Of course, choosing the exact financing method should be supported by detailed analyzes, preferably external. A certain way in the case of unwillingness to use external advisors may be to direct the employee to specialized training related to the process of investing and financing changes. However, the training itself will not replace the element which, in cooperation with external companies, is the most important and the most valuable - the consultants' many years of experience. There is one more important element: objectivity. Working for a long time in a given company, we come to the point where we have "flip-flops" - mainly through falling into routine. It's a bit like a joke about the groom:

"The groom was preparing for his own wedding, which was to be in a few hours. An old man came into the room, sat in an armchair and began to parable: - Young man, at some stage in a man's life God gives him a woman and takes away his mind. The groom looked at the old man in surprise, and he continued. - Then man restores his mind, but he does not want to take women. "

Of course, we might as well put his future wife in the groom's person - chemistry works similarly.

But seriously, just like the young before the wedding (and after a while), the employee working for his employer at the beginning is full of enthusiasm and interesting ideas, then usually falls into the routine - the gray of everyday life. Which means that, unfortunately, his analyzes are not objective and he perceives the employer in a perverted manner - usually definitely critical. Anyway, one of the proverbs confirms this: "You praise others - you don't know yours."

For the reasons discussed above - managers often use the services of external companies, in particular when it is necessary to make significant - strategic modernization changes in the company.

The article comes from a free consulting and training project: "Consulting and training - modern methods of enterprise modernization" - details: .

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