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Financing methods for marketing activities of enterprises cz2

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Methods of financing business operations

Financing methods for marketing activities of enterprises part 2

Banking sources of financing activities

Of course, it can happen that you cannot borrow money from your family or friends. You also do not want to apply for European funds or Venture Capital funds, because for advertising - promotion of your business you need not several thousand euros but several thousand zlotys. Then there is only one way - towards the bank or parabank institution - for example a leasing company. The banking offer is very wide, but focused on companies that can prove their presence in the world of business for several months and above all can prove that in the future they will bring profits, allowing repayment of loans taken. Usually, companies that have been on the market for less than six months are considered by banks to be unreliable and generally they are not granted loans. To start with, think about whether you really need a business loan. Maybe it's better to take advantage of the loans associated with your private account?

Private overdraft

If you have PLN 1,000 and make several payments and withdrawals of this amount within a month - you will make an additional turnover on your account. If you carry out such an operation in the next few months - it may allow you to obtain a loan in ROR (Savings and Settlement Account). Usually in banks there is a procedure saying that the Customer can get a loan in the ROR in the amount of average turnover on the account from the last six months. Are you sure you are curious if such actions are legal? You have to answer the question yourself, but certainly such actions are not prohibited. Are they ethical ?? You also have to answer this yourself.
Overdraft facility at several banks

If you repeat the operation described in the previous point at the same time in several different banks - you can get more cash. But be careful !!! Financing in this way only makes sense if you earn a lot of money quickly. Otherwise - it leads straight to bankruptcy !!! And, unfortunately, there is always a risk that banks will "get over" in your transactions. Then you may be asked to immediately return money to each bank.
knowledge - human capital Bank loan on a commercial basis

However, if you insisted and want to get a bank loan "for the company" - you must be prepared to prepare a loan application. Usually it is filled out according to the template applicable in the bank's data and it has the form of a simplified business plan (together with a simplified Income Statement, Balance Sheet and so-called Cash Flow Statement. For this you will have to provide documents confirming the absence of tax arrears - from the Tax Office and no arrears in ZUS fees. Only loan collateral and the bank is taking you seriously. The collateral can be fixed assets (your house, car, plot), cash (which you probably don't have) or guarantees given by at least two legal or natural persons.


Leasing is another form of business financing. The leasing company, i.e. the lessor, buys the thing you need for you and your company, but you do not have enough funds to buy it. He rents it to you (your company) and thus you become a lessee. You pay for using this item every month for a specified period of time to pay to the lessor's cash register. After this period, you usually have the option of buying used items for little money. Leasing activities are usually provided by companies related to one of the banks operating on the market.

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