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Documents. Salesman. Dealer. Commercial documentation. Examples

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Documents. Salesman. Dealer. Commercial documentation. Examples


The article is a continuation of the training - Free training Effective sales or Professional Customer Service part - free online course - on effective sellers and effective sales methods. I assume that you already know the characteristics of a good salesman-trader described in previous articles:

Features of a good seller

Features of a good seller 2


Seller - merchant documents - commercial documentation - examples and examples

Effective commercial documentation helps to solve customers' problems and meet their needs and desires. And this in turn translates into maximizing sales.


Seller - Merchant Documents - Commercial Documentation: Retail Customer Card, Order Settlement, Order Sheet, Sales and Distribution Plans, etc.

There are many patterns of commercial documents, but they all have common elements. You can get templates of these documents by participating in one of my trainings for salespeople, in which we also present templates of commercial documents.

Below you will find some information on some commercial documents:

Trader's seller documents, commercial documentation, examples and examples

Seller documents - sales person - commercial documentation - examples and examples: Retail customer card

The retail client card should be a detailed description of the client, the more detailed the better for your employer.

The retail customer card includes

Settlement of orders

Contact details of the Customer along with the Customer's Name and Legal Form,
Contact person: Job title, Contact details, Habits, habits, preferences, etc.
History of cooperation with the Customer
Achievements in contacts with the Customer, Purpose of the next visit, etc.

Order Sheet

The order sheet is the characteristics - data necessary to place the order

Sales and distribution plans

Sales plans should be made from the bottom up, i.e. by a salesman and sales goals should be created through mutual arrangements with supervisors.

Sales reports

Sales reports should characterize current activities - sales and certain - periodic summaries. Usually, sales reports are many documents - e.g.

Daily sales reports

Weekly sales reports

Monthly sales reports

Annual sales reports


 And what do you think about: Trader's salesperson's documents - commercial documentation?

see also: Features of a good seller 2



We will now deal with the issue of salesperson documentation. Usually, documents are the most disliked part of the salesman's job. But at the same time it is one of the most important elements of the work of a salesman. Documenting transactions, but also customer descriptions, their opinions and feelings, is one of the most important readings of sales supervisors and those planning business development.

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