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training courses tips portal managers :)

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training courses tips portal managers :)



GDPR Protection of Personal Data Documentation patterns how to do


Lean Canvas training business plan structure - what is lean canvas


Tax Book, Lump sum, Tax Card


FREE TRAINING ON-LINE COURSES Is it worth using e-learning?

Raising your own qualifications throughout your life is one of the ideas of the European Union. It can be implemented in many ways. One of them are online courses. E-learning is gaining more and more recognition among both trainers
and learners. You can learn on-line training from your own couch or favorite chair. On-line training, online courses or e-learning if you prefer, are as effective as traditional training. On-line training is
usually much cheaper than traditional training. And often e-learning trainings are completely free.

An example of free online training is the portal. You will find here free training, courses in marketing, management, finance, internet technologies, accounting and typically business. To use
educational materials, just search for free training in the selected section. Every training, course or advice is available completely free of charge. I wish you selected the right free online training. Remember also that every month
more and free trainings arrive, so it is worth checking my website from time to time with free online trainings and courses :).

The portal is maintained only from ads, so do not be offended by "flying" ads. In return, I offer absolutely free trainings, courses and advice :).

Accounting. Accounting

poswojsku Creative Agency

E-learning training, online courses and advice: full accounting, simplified accounting, accounting, revenue and expense ledger, taxes, ZUS


Internet technologies

poswojsku Creative Agency

Free e-learning tips and training: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, Python. Experts' opinions on the use of the latest technologies ...

Investing finance

poswojsku Creative Agency

Investing in capital markets, shares, forward instruments, bonds. Finances of companies, organizations, institutions, financial analysis, EU subsidies, training ...

Marketing Promotion

poswojsku Creative Agency

Marketing of companies and institutions, internet marketing, social promotion, training and on-line advice. Promotion or advertising? Free knowledge for you ...

Sales Customer Service

poswojsku Creative Agency

Professional customer service, free on-line advice and training, interpersonal and motivational courses for sales people, traders and sales support employees ...

Strategic HR management

poswojsku Creative Agency

Company management, business strategy building, business project management, HR staff management, Your career, success psychology, failure psychology ...

Computer Graphics

poswojsku Creative Agency

Computer graphics, animations, films, multimedia presentations, online trainings and tips showing the practical use of tools for vector graphics ...

Business EU subsidies

poswojsku Creative Agency

Subsidies - effective positioning of EU subsidies, business advice and online training, financing of investments and training from EU funds, advice for companies, organizations and institutions


Portal created by the Creative Agency postwojsko

Hello, my name is Darek. I love knowledge, modern technologies and delicious, traditional and healthy food. That is why I run thematic portals :).

Creating trainings, courses, tips - it has always been my hobby. Based on my knowledge and experience I create trainings, courses and guides - for you and your company, as well as for my own pleasure

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Creative Agency poswojsku

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I am waiting for you :) and your questions;)

I am waiting for you :) and your questions ;)



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