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The best free open source programs - free software

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The ideas of open software and free programs date back to the end of the 20th century (for details, refer to e.g. Wikipedia). At the beginning it was only a few items. Currently under open source you can find IT programs from almost all areas related to computers and possible actions on them.

The best free open source programs - free software

On our pages you will find studies on open source programs - free programs in the field of:

The best free open source programs - free software: Computer graphics

The best free open source programs - free software: Website development and development - web development

Best Free Open Source Programs - Free Software: Operating Systems

The best free open source programs - free software: Multimedia (audio, video)


  The best free open source programs - free software - our types of the best free and / or free software:

Free programs: Computer graphics

GIMP - program for 2D graphics and photo processing

Blender - 3D graphics and animation program

Inkscape - 2D vector graphics program

CamStudio - a program for dynamic desktop capture


Free programs: Creating websites and portals - web development

Drupal - a brilliant content management system, ideal for making any website, and even a website with almost any functionality you invented. It has only one drawback - like any professional product is a bit complicated. But if you understand its operating philosophy - you can handle any challenge.

Joomla - content management system competing with Drupal, has its supporters and opponents, I belong to the supporters of Drupal, Joomla considering it to be very good for simple, functionally very advanced websites

Wordpress - very good if not the best system currently to create a portal - a user's blog. It has been quite extensively developed in recent years, gaining additional quite some possibilities.

Moodle - a system to make an elearning portal. Moodle is like a tank: it may not go too fast, but it is almost impossible to destroy. And despite the initial fears, it is quite simple to manage and develop.


Free programs: Office programs

Open Office - a sensational, free office program, and actually a whole set of free office programs, including: spreadsheet, word processor, program for creating presentations, etc.


Free programs: Operating systems

LINUX - an operating system with many distributions. Once Linux was a completely free program, but nowadays not all Linux distributions are so completely free.


Free programs: Multimedia (audio, video)


Audacity - a brilliant program for processing sound files and completely free, developed as part of the idea of ​​open source.

The above-mentioned programs compete very effectively with their commercial counterparts, although they are completely free. It is worth adding that they are free for both private use and completely free for commercial use.


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