Drupal CMS Content Management System - Website Content Management System on Drupal

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Drupal CMS Content Management System - Website Content Management System on Drupal Drupal CMS Content Management System - Website Content Management System

DRUPAL - content management system (CMS), developed as part of OpenSource. Drupal enables the user to publish, manage and organize website content. It should be added that many specialists believe that Drupal is currently the best and cheapest way to easily and efficiently create   advanced, effective-looking and very functional websites. It is equipped with functions that offer, among others, a blog system, environments designed to work together on a project, forums, newsletters, graphic / photo galleries, the ability to upload and download files.

The distinguishing features of Drupal against the competition (e.g. Joomla, Wordpress) is the system of segments and taxonomy. Taxonomy is an extensive module mainly used to organize content according to categories. However, its uses are much wider.

Drupal Content Management System - is equipped with the so-called "Skins" PHPTemplate, making it easy to change the look of the page.

Drupal is an open source software made available under the GPL license. It can be enriched with new functions using modules, of which the system is also built. Some of them (so-called Core modules) are available immediately after installation, while others need to be downloaded in addition.

Drupal uses the extraordinary, almost unlimited possibilities offered by the PHP language.

Drupal works with MySQL and PostgreSQL databases as well as Apache and IIS servers.

Based on Drupal, other independent, niche solutions are also created, e.g.

* Drupal systems for managing Open Atrium projects,

* Drupal systems for managing online editions of the Open Publish press

* Drupal CMS systems for Open Public general government

Do you want to learn more about Drupal and its capabilities, or how to use the full power of Drupal in your company - sign up via email Training@poswojsku.info - for our training:

·          Drupal - the basics of CMS   or systems

·          Drupal - advanced management of your website

Drupal CMS Content Management System Content Management System on Drupal


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