LESS and CSS - what is the difference

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LESS and CSS - what is the difference

Why is it better to use LESS than CSS?

The answer is very simple: Less gives much more possibilities than CSS. The larger the design and the more complex the style sheets, the more we gain by using LESS. Only for simple projects, using Less is not justified, because creating a simple page is enough for us a plain CSS. There is nothing to surprise :). Less or CSS

LESS is a language that is compiled into CSS. The compiler is written in JavaScript. An alternative to LESS is SASS. LESS is much more advanced in programming than CSS. You can imagine CSS as painting the wall, i.e. it is only used for embellishing CSS, while painting the wall using LESS, you can also use various variables to paint, which will facilitate the task.


Creating Responsive pages with swap backgrounds CSS scroll

LESS is equipped with a number of useful functions that are not available in traditional CSS: variables, mixins, nested rules, functions and operators.

Creating - visualizing our visions in CSS - is tiring and contains a lot of repetition.


LESS - which contains:


CSS variables are always missing. In LESS you can define your own variables to make styles more dynamic and configurable.



This is the name of the method that can be used to repeat various operations. It is also possible to get arguments and support default values ​​for these arguments. Mixins are also an ideal tool to get rid of CSS prefix browsers.


Nested rules

In CSS, sometimes we write the code almost over and over, in LESS we can use the parent selector and declare rules for the child of the elements in a given rule to reduce the need for repetition.



LESS includes a number of coloring functions, for example, darkening and lightening functions that facilitate working with colors. We can easily switch between different color schemes, HSL and RGB, etc.



LESS can perform simple mathematical operations to calculate page width, margins, padding and so on. This is very useful, especially if you want to customize the grid in Bootstrap or develop your own grid.


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