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Drupal CMS website development in Drupal

Today a few words about my favorite CMS system - DRUPAL, with which you can do almost any advanced internet portal. However, while you can do almost any website with Drupal, it is extremely difficult to start, correctly configure, and then manage Drupal effectively. But I assure you that it is worth getting tired and learning Drupal, because in my opinion neither Joomla nor WordPress have such great possibilities as Drupal. On the other hand, it is also worth considering your own needs, because if a website is to be simple and there are no plans to increase its level of complexity, then maybe Joomla or WordPress are enough, and Drupal in this case may turn out to be like shooting a cannon to the sparrow. Below are some basic Drupal features.


DRUPAL - basic information


Advantages of DRUPALA

  • Drupal has a lot of plugins, from the simplest to the more complex ones
  • The large Drupal community guarantees good technical support, but Drupal's best support is in drupal.org
  • Drupal has great opportunities to structure a website (taxonomy)
  • Drupal is a very advanced system of managing users, roles and permissions
  • Different types of content - Drupal allows you to add articles, pages, videos, flash files and many, many more - each type of content can have different settings and features in Drupal
  • Website appearance management - Drupal gives you the ability to change the way content is displayed, customize the template to suit your needs
  • Installation / update of Drupal modules is simple and trouble-free, worse from the so-called basic modules - the basic Drupal engine must be manually updated
  • Drupal is perfectly optimized under SEO


Disadvantages of DRUPAL

  • For a novice user, Drupal is difficult to install and use, it requires a lot of time to learn
  • Due to the high modularity of the Drupal system, page templates are difficult to make
  • At high page load, Drupal performance can be significantly degraded when configured incorrectly
  • Drupal requires planning: "People don't plan to lose - they lose because they don't plan" and so is Drupal


And what is your opinion on Drupal versus Joomla and WordPress?

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