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SEO website optimization - principles of website optimization for search engines

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SEO optimization of websites - principles of website optimization for search engines

SEO, i.e. optimization of websites in terms of search engines - the effectiveness of their search by web browsers is a very important field of knowledge for all creators and website owners. In a series of tips on SEO - optimizing websites for search engines - I will introduce the principles of building an effective SEO strategy - optimizing websites for search engines.

SEO optimization of websites - principles of website optimization for search engines

What is SEO? The answer, unfortunately, is not easy, because SEO from English Search Engine Optimization - SEO involves a wide variety of activities that result in optimization for search engines, that is, for a given website to achieve the highest position in organic search engine results for selected key words and phrases. And this, of course, translates into the value of the website and its sales and advertising capabilities.

Some Internet marketing specialists make a distinction between website positioning and optimization, an outline of their opinions - below.

Positioning - activities carried out outside the target site (e.g. Link building).

Optimization - is treated as activities carried out directly on the website affecting its construction, content / content and structure.

In order for your site to have a high position in search engines, you must first take care of your website.

SEO - principles of website optimization for search engines - SUITABLE WEB PREPARATION

Website quality

To gain a high place in search engines, your website must be technically impeccable, i.e. it must not have errors. There are several websites where you can check the quality of your website for free, I recommend in particular: - official validator of an organization that creates and oversees internet technology standards - Mobile compatibility test


Appropriate website preparation - website optimization

You must ensure, among others:

  1. The right choice of keywords Meta keywords
  2. Correct phrases in names
  3. Based on the content of the page - preparation of the correct page title
  4. Preparation of the page description in line with keywords and page content - Meta description
  5. Putting keywords as densely as possible - in the content of the page for search engine optimization
  6. Filling the ALT and TITLE Attributes
  7. Ensuring the quality and description of Hyperlinks
  8. Proper URL construction taking into account the content of the page
  9. Building a properly functioning website navigation
  10. Preparation and attachment to the Sitemap page

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And what is your opinion on SEO (English Search Engine Optimization) - website optimization?

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