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In what to invest deposits currency real estate bonds shares - to earn

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In what to invest deposits currency real estate bonds shares - to earn

Investing is one of the elements of broadly understood economics. Investing may include a number of activities in the economic environment, and invest, among others in deposits, currencies, real estate, bonds, shares - maybe everyone. Investing means investing funds (own and borrowed) in various types of investments.

Investing is aimed at making a profit that is usually associated with a particular investment risk.

Investing is usually postponing consumption, renouncing the current benefit for additional profits in the future.

Of course, you don't need to have your own funds to invest, although your own cash register usually means less risk and better well-being. Instead of using your own funds - you can invest money borrowed. Who to borrow from to invest? This is about, among others I will write: friends, family, bank, loan institutions.

For now, one loose note for those who want to invest borrowed funds:

If you borrow money from a financial institution (bank, fund, etc.) you will owe interest and repayment of principal installments,
if you borrow funds from your family to invest - you owe the installment plus undying gratitude.

Investing what you prefer to pay back: interest or undying gratitude? Your investment, your choice, after all, you want to be an investor and you want to invest.


In what to invest deposits currency real estate bonds shares

What to invest in: LOCATIONS

Invest in a deposit, i.e. it is a contract between the bank and the client regarding the placement of funds - is it possible to invest like this. Is the deposit an investment? Yes, you can also invest in a deposit. The bank undertakes to pay out principal and interest at the end of the contract period, which is a return on investment.

What to invest in: CURRENCY

Currency is the name of the money in force in a given country. Invest in currencies, i.e. earn on currency differences, i.e. the difference between the exchange price, e.g. PLN to EUR. The currency market is the largest investment market in the world. Investing and surviving on the currency market, i.e. FOREX, is real art, available only to professional traders. But we will also learn about investing in FOREX - how to invest and survive in FOREX!

What to invest in: REAL ESTATE

How to invest in real estate, as in any other type of investment: buy cheap, e.g. a building, and sell more expensive. In this way, the difference between the buying and selling price will be your profit (or loss).

What to invest in: BONDS

The bond is a security in which the issuer states that it is the debtor of the bondholder and undertakes to meet a specific benefit. You can invest in treasury (government), municipal (municipal), legal entities (corporate bonds) bonds.

What to invest in: SHARES

The shares are issued by a joint-stock company. The company's founders make payments for shares to cover the company's capital. The first series is issued on the establishment of the company, while the next ones are associated with an increase in the share capital, e.g. to introduce the company to the WSE capital market. Investing in shares and equity-based derivatives is a difficult art. Profits in investing in shares can be quite pleasant for our investment account, and losses .. Investing is unfortunately not synonymous with earning.

You will find more on finances and knowledge in the field of "How to invest" in the following parts of my advice.

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