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Effective advertising - the purpose of advertising preparation - why do we prepare the advertisement, the subject and the subject of the ad whom we want to reach

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Advertising, i.e. specific money that must be spent to inform potential customers about our products and services. So that the money spent on advertising is not thrown away, you need to prepare your ad and how to distribute it.

Effective advertising - the purpose of advertising preparation - why do we prepare the advertisement, the subject and the subject of the ad whom we want to reach

We must clearly specify the purpose of our advertising, e.g .:   Purpose of advertising preparation - why do we prepare advertising?

Increasing sales of training products by 20% comparing states: month before and month after broadcasting the advertisement.

Informing customers about the new headquarters of the customer service office in Zduńska Wola (because, for example, we moved from Łaska Street to Paprocka).

2D animation, 3D animation - test postwojsko films - animated advertisements - you can find more of our multimedia productions at - the Creative Postwojsko Agency portfolio




The subject of the advertisement - what do we want to advertise: what product, what service do we promote?

We can promote - advertise (effectively or ineffectively) we can do everything, including company products and services, brand, trademark, company location, etc.


Who - the advertising entity - do we want to reach with an advertising message?

Is the final customer of our advertisement the final customer or just an intermediary? What are the parameters of our target client to whom the advertising campaign is to reach, e.g. location, age, gender, education, marital status, income level, etc. So we have to segment the market and the client.


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Author of the guide: Darek Gołębiowski

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