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Search engine marketing part 4

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Search engine marketing part 4

In the last post about search engine marketing I marked the topic of SEO. In other words, how to make our project visible on the web "without costs". Of course, quotation marks were deliberate, because we don't pay website owners for optimization and positioning, but companies and freelancers dealing with this on a daily basis take remuneration for such services.

Let's return to the topic. I want to show you how important it is to create a good database of links leading to our website for the success of each project. There is one rule that perfectly illustrates this issue - if many people recommend our site, it means it's good. If it is good, then search engine crawlers think that it is worth placing it higher in search results. At first glance this is logical, but the devil is in the details. It is primarily about the value of the link. If it is placed on a page with similar topics (e.g. a link to a company dealing in the production of Silesian noodles on a portal thematically related to the consumption of noodles) it will have more value than placing a link on a random page, not connected with our project in any way.

In addition, it is always worth to properly name such a link. It may be the name of the company "x", but in my opinion the name of the link from the keyword "Silesian noodles" will have much more impact.

The question is how to get this base. What counts here is the creativity of the person dealing with SEO. The oldest way I knew was exchange. Everything is clear here. One person places a link to the page in exchange for the same operation on the other person's page. Of course, in the case of entities conducting business activity this method is completely irrational. That is why it is worth placing such links on thematic portals, company catalogs or specialized forums. And what is the best way? Good content (good company, worth recommending). If we run a website project of a company that provides good quality services, sells quality products, then Internet users themselves will exchange the addresses of our project website :) .

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