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Search engine marketing SEO promotion positioning part 1 - SEO

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Search engine marketing SEO promotion positioning part 1 - SEO

In the era of modern technologies, search engine marketing is an integral part of every major marketing campaign. It doesn't matter if we advertise a specific product, service or social campaign. If it is not visible on the Internet, it does not really exist. Of course, companies or institutions may be limited to the traditional form of advertising, i.e. leaflets, banners or spots, but such an undertaking will have a much smaller reception.

Search engine marketing - basic knowledge 

However, let's start from the basics, what is a browser, what is a search engine and what is search engine marketing? Many people have confused these concepts so far, and they are necessary to use Internet resources. Simply put: a
web browser - is a computer program (called web browser) used to download and display websites. Of course, modern browsers have many more options, but let's focus on the basic one.
Internet search engine - a program or website used to find the information we need in the resources of the Internet.

I gave the simplest distinction. A search engine is a program that uses applications to collect information about specific websites. In other words, crawlers crawl the page by gathering the necessary information about it. They use keywords or phrases for this, which are potential indicators of the content of the whole page, information from the code (headers, descriptions), link database, URL, etc. ... It all boils down to the fact that the user types a specific word or sentence and shows him a huge number of results arranged in the most likely order relative to the expected results. So they are so-called organic results, natural results.

Search engine marketing - SEO

A little complicated? These are the basics of the strange art of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Strange, because although many publications have been written about it, we can only guess which factors affect the positioning of a particular page in the results. The knowledge of how the algorithms used by the most popular Google search engine work is worth billions of dollars, and it can certainly be said that this is one of the most closely protected secrets of the Internet.

Well, but broadly understood positioning is not everything. There are at least two other ways to search engine marketing. Sponsored links and so-called contextual advertising. This is not as interesting as SEO, although it does not change the fact that these are very effective forms of search engine promotion.

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