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Search engine marketing part 2 - online electronic guide, elearning training

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Search engine marketing part 2 - online electronic guide, elearning training

In the previous post, I tagged a few threads related to running an advertising campaign in search engines. Let's focus on SEM - simply search engine marketing. We understand this as follows. Well, SEM is all actions aimed at ensuring the best result for a given site in search results through paid and unpaid (SEO) activities.

We must first make a basic distinction. After entering a specific phrase in the search engine, two types of results will appear:
organic results - i.e. natural results, which are primarily influenced by optimization and positioning (SEO)
inorganic results - otherwise paid, sponsored. In general, these results are particularly highlighted in a given search engine, e.g. placed at the very top, underlined by eye-catching color.


Search engine marketing: What does payment for sponsored links look like?

The most popular model is PPC (pay per click) - pay per click. Until the user opens the page, advertised e.g. on Google, we pay nothing for it. In other words, the costs of such advertising relate only to the fact of clicking on a given link. Therefore, the websites on which we place sponsored links will try to make them as visible as possible.

The second solution is CPM (cost per mile) - another commonly used method of payment. We pay for 1000 views of a given link on the page.

The third way, probably the most complicated one is CPA (cost per action) - the user does not pay for displaying the given link. It also doesn't pay per click. He pays only when he performs an action on the site, e.g. subscribes to the newsletter or registers. Many affiliate programs use this method.


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