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What for a gift - a gift - what gadget (gadget) for the client?

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What for a gift - a gift - what gadget (gadget) for the client?

Gifts (gadgets) for the customer are a very popular and effective form of advertising. By using a well thought-out advertising gift (gadget) you can get: What for a gift - an advertising gadget for the client?

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1. acquiring a new customer - the advertising gift (gadget - gadget) should then primarily be a value in itself, so that its attractiveness - the advertising gift (gadget - gadget) attracts potential customers

2. retaining the existing customer - an advertising gift (gadget - gadget) should emphasize that we are grateful that the customer is with us (and not with our competitors)

3. brand, company and product promotion - the advertising gift (gadget - gadget) promotes the brand in a general way, usually they are small items, such as pens, key rings, etc.

A gift, a gift, a company gadget should influence the customer's perception of the company with its quality and attractiveness. Of course, it should have a positive effect;). 

One of the interesting ideas for a gift, gift, company gadget can be multimedia, such as:

* in the food and culinary industry - as a gift, gift, company gadget can be: cookbook on CD

* in the B2B industry (e.g. bank vs. entrepreneur, manager) - as a gift, gift, company and advertising gadget can be: guide on entrepreneurship, management, obtaining EU subsidies

* in the sport-fitness-health industry - - as a gift, gift, company and advertising gadget can be: a CD with a yoga course, slimming exercises, etc.

As you can see, the type of gift present, a company gadget should be characteristic for the person offering the item as well as the recipient of the gift, gift, company gadget. In addition, the content of the gift should be related to the nature of the relationship between the offeror and the recipient.  

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