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Sales the most important element of marketing?

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Sales the most important element of marketing?


Welcome to the next part of Marketing training - meeting your needs.

What is the most important part of marketing: promotion, advertising, sales, market research? Or maybe something else? All elements are important. But one of the most important is undoubtedly sales, effective sales.


Marketing, i.e. meeting the needs


Effective sales are the basis for the functioning of the company, because it ensures that products are disposed of and exchanged for what is necessary from the point of view of every company - conversion into funds. Cash is an essential element for any business, right?

Many management specialists emphasize that there are many cost items in the company: wages, promotion, advertising, purchases of raw materials, etc. But there is only one revenue position "SALE"! You admit it is true, isn't it? Only sellers provide the "fuel" necessary for the functioning of each organizational unit, they provide money from which the company can make its payments.

It is worth remembering one element. Marketing should take care of satisfying the needs of consumers. If so, it means that the sellers, as the last element of the company directly contacting the customer, are directly responsible for ensuring that the customer's needs are fully met.

A satisfied customer, i.e. a satisfied customer, is a loyal customer who systematically leaves his money in our company, isn't he? This element also emphasizes the importance of sales and sellers.

Of course, "with songs about the glory" of sales and sellers, there is no need to exaggerate. Sales are, of course, very important, but in the current socio-economic environment, without sales support by other elements of a properly functioning company, such as market research, promotion, advertising, PR, etc. - sellers would probably have a problem with making effective sales.


Summary: Sales the most important element of marketing?

Sales is one of the most important elements of any effectively operating company. That is why sales must be cared for and caring for sellers, because the more effective the sellers are, the more cash flows into the company. Especially that nowadays sellers care about both sales and collecting money related to their sale.


I cordially invite you to the next parts of the training: Marketing or meeting your needs

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