Project management financed from EU funds. Standard training

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Project management financed from EU funds. Standard training

Welcome to the training: Management of projects financed from EU funds - EU POKL or, as others say: Training Project management - training e-learning - recognition of a project co-financed from EU funds.

This is the STANDARD training, so it does not end with the final test. If you had a certificate of completion of training - I invite you to my stationary training.

I developed a project management training based on my many years of professional experience during which I have managed many smaller and larger projects many times. Eleven projects were projects co-financed from EU funds. I based project management on several methods that have been well known for years.

Project management - theoretical basics:

Traditional Approach - dividing the Project into phases / stages

SCRUM - Product Management

Agile - agile management

SMART - Specific - Measurable - Acceptable - Realistic - Time-bound

The next parts of the training describe the theoretical foundations of some of the project management methods - product. At the end of the free Project Management training you will find complete information on building project management and effective project management.



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