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Marketing versus sales - product, needs, expectations of the customer

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Marketing versus sales - product, needs Marketing versus sales - picture

What is marketing and what is sales? There are, of course, at least a few theories. Here I will show the differences between marketing and sales. Many marketing specialists believe that sales is part of marketing - one of its elements, next to: advertising, promotion, PR, distribution, etc. In principle - I agree with this theory. However, in the slightly older version of marketing theory, sales are next to marketing. Here are the differences in marketing and sales approaches.

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Marketing versus sales - product, needs, expectations of the customer


Needs - the most important in marketing are the needs and requirements of the client (the spelling of the word Client in capital letters underlines the importance of the client for each company).

Desired product - after identifying your needs, you should think about how to manufacture and deliver the expected product to the market.

3 Business  profit - marketing management is profit-oriented.

Product life cycle - planning is long term - the current product leads to the future product.



1   Product - the most important thing for a company is its product.

2   Active sales - first a product is made, then we are worried about how to sell it and management is sales-oriented.

3   Product life cycle - planning is short-term.

4   Salespeople - salespeople needs come to the fore.


From the above points regarding sales and marketing, it can be clearly stated that marketing cares primarily for satisfying the needs of the Customer, and sales cares for the needs of the company - to survive you have to sell what is in stock;).

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