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Company management project staff definitions strategy tips free

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Company management project staff definitions strategy tips free

Company management project staff definitions strategy tips free

Company management project staff definitions strategy tips free

Management - company, project, staff

Some know computers, others know cars, and others know the law, but all of them must be someone who knows management, that is, skilful management of people, matters and objects in the right direction.

Management and strategy should always go hand-in-hand.

Management - what is management? In short, someone tells someone to do something, i.e. manages it, and more scientifically MANAGEMENT is:

a set of activities consisting, among others from planning, making decisions, organizing, leading and controlling - focused on the resources of the organization (company, institution, office, etc.), with the organization's resources being e.g. people, financial resources, tangible assets, intangible assets.

activities carried out with the intention of achieving the organization's goals in an efficient and effective manner.

What and / or who can be managed? - definitions of key management areas.

Everything and everyone can be managed. But the most important areas of management in organizations are:

  • strategic management
  • personnel Management
  • project management
  • finance management
  • sales management
  • promotion management

Management - maybe everyone would manage themselves?

Try to imagine this situation: everyone manages himself. Everyone sets goals, priorities, ways of reaching them, etc. Everyone does it on their own, in their own interest, without the so-called leadership. Is it not anarchy?

Hmm, maybe anarchy is not bad? Imagine a large organization, say about 2000 people without managers. everyone acting on their own. What could this lead to an organization? In my opinion until the fall.


Management is primarily people

The organization's strategy and goals are implemented by people who design and use technologies, create a company and participate in its life. The duration and profit of a company depends on who the employees of the organization are, what they do, how they work. Even the best strategy will not be implemented by itself. In management, even the best owner will not do everything with his own hands. Responsible managers know that the fate of a company depends on its employees, in particular managers.

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Management - company, project, staff

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