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What is marketing? Marketing - meeting needs

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What is marketing? Marketing - meeting needs

What is marketing? What is marketing? Have you ever thought about the strange word 'marketing'? Marketing - a market from English is associated with the market, market, fair, shop.

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Marketing surrounds us. Look out the window. Do you see ads, banners, store signs, signboards on companies? This is marketing.

Turn on the television, which is always in the so-called break advertising - marketing or advertising.

Go to the bathroom, look at the cleaning products - their packaging is nothing but marketing.

If you looked in a factory, what would they care about, or at least should the employees care about? For good quality products and this is also marketing.

You go to the office, a person who is not an employee of the company comes to the reception, everyone smiles at him, they do so. good impression. Yes you are right it is also marketing.

you go to a social networking site and link to a product that you think is cool. You think well, this is also marketing.

I could talk for a long, long time what marketing is. It would probably take several hours or maybe a few days. I just don't know if you could withstand it. Let's shorten the description of marketing to a few points, which will indicate how broad the concept of marketing is.


What is marketing and marketing?

From the enterprise's point of view, marketing consists of the stages of:


  • Market research - customer needs and expectations
  • Construction of a factory to design and produce the perfect product that meets the customer's needs and expectations
  • Organizing a distribution network to meet the needs and expectations of the customer with an ideal product
  • Preparation of an action informing the client (advertising, promotional activities, PR) about the possibility of purchasing the perfect product
  • Satisfying customer needs and expectations by providing the perfect product
  • Providing the customer with the opportunity to service the product he purchased
  • Customer satisfaction survey to respond to changing tastes, expectations and needs


Some management specialists define all of the above activities as "marketing management".

As you can see marketing is the overall functioning of the company, aimed at satisfying the needs of the client.

Needs that exist or needs that are not there are not yet. But there are means and methods to create these needs, e.g. through advertising. Marketing specialists say that they do not create completely new needs, only through marketing activities they discover needs that previously existed, but which potential clients were not aware of. Well, think about it. Was there a need to have a cell phone in the 1980s and earlier? In Poland, people dreamed of connecting a landline, and this was often a challenge calculated for several years. One could say that people did not need to talk while away from home or the office. Thanks to this they were free. But marketing specialists have over the years convinced people that a mobile phone is a must have device. And thus you were enslaved

What I said before is marketing, in a nutshell, in a nutshell. Marketing is currently a very extensive field of knowledge and science. Marketing is a field of influencing reality, and above all influencing the needs and behavior of people.


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