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MARKETING - WHAT IS MARKETING? WHAT IS MARKETING? marketing elearning training from scratch

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MARKETING - WHAT IS MARKETING? WHAT IS MARKETING? marketing elearning training from scratch

What is marketing and marketing?


Marketing e-learning free elearning training

The modern marketing concept deals with the consumer and his needs, and the product is only a tool to meet the client's needs and the company's profit. In a modern approach to marketing:

  1. Customer needs and requirements are the most important and always face the company's needs.
  2. The basis for the production of products and their delivery to the market are well-recognized customer needs and expectations.

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Using a modern approach to marketing, we can distinguish several basic stages of marketing activities: E-learning marketing - free elearning training

Marketing knowledge for marketing practitioners and theorists

  • Market research - customer needs and expectations
  • Construction of a factory to design and produce the perfect product that meets the customer's needs and expectations
  • Organizing a distribution network to meet the needs and expectations of the customer with an ideal product
  • Preparation of an action informing the client (advertising, promotional activities, PR) about the possibility of purchasing the perfect product
  • Satisfying customer needs and expectations by providing the perfect product
  • Providing the customer with the opportunity to service the product he purchased
  • Customer satisfaction survey to respond to changing tastes, expectations and needs.


Marketing e-learning free elearning training



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