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Sales trade sales manager work in sales sales

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Sales trade sales manager work in sales sales


Work in sales - work with people - could it be a better job? You meet people, make interpersonal contacts and meet human needs by gaining human favor. Is this how you sell?


Sales trade sales manager work in sales sales


Salesman, salesman, sales manager - work in sales sales


Salesman salesman, sales manager - work in sales sales - meeting human needs or stretching?


Isn't satisfying human needs everyday at work an ideal occupation for every human being? And here the problem arises. In order for what I wrote about working in sales to become true, it must find the right person, open to others, who like to talk, make contacts with other people. Unfortunately, a large proportion of people are afraid or maybe rather do not like contact with others - newly met people. We usually close ourselves in the world of home - work - "old friends" - home and we are closed to new acquaintances. That is why we are afraid of professions in which people need to be open, be smiling towards everyone, enjoy their joy, etc. Hence the constant problems of companies wishing to employ salespeople, sales representatives, sales managers, etc.

Salesman salesman, sales manager - work in sales sales - can everyone be an effective salesman?

Salesman, sales manager, sales predisposition


Since only a few have the traits and desires that enable trouble-free access to the profession of a salesman, can you turn a closed man who is resistant to other people into an effective salesman?

You can! Although it must be admitted that this is a difficult path, because the lack of predisposition must be leveled by the desire of a person to work as a salesman. Making a person who does not have the right predispositions - an effective salesperson - also requires time, the less required the predisposition is, the more time it takes to train a professional salesperson. But it's always worth a try, because a good professional salesman, salesman will always find a job, even in a crisis.

Some say that there are two such always sought after professions: accountant, because someone has to deal with accounting and papermaking, as well as salesman, salesman - because for a company to have influence - it must have salesmen, salesmen, sales managers, etc.


Salesman, sales manager - work in sales sales - I invite people who want to be salesmen and companies looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of their own salesmen / salesmen.


I invite you to read my other articles about the seller, sales manager - salesman work, predispositions, etc. And in case of any questions please send an e-mail to:


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